Jump Training


Jump Training is a research-focused process intended to uncover new information about the organization, its mission, and drive.

Anecdotally speaking, communicating your message is a lot like jumping out of an airplane - an exhilarating activity you cannot wait to do again or one that's terrifying and may lead to irreversible harm. Keys to a successful jump are the training you receive and the equipment you have.

Jump Training is an opportunity to discover who you are, what you stand for, and pinpoint the proof to back it up.

The timeline for a complete Jump Training is typically 4-6 weeks split into three parts:

Discovery is a lively, day-long interactive conversation during which we will

  • Arrive at a consensus on your brand's values and organization's mission.
  • Identify proof points to validate findings.
  • Determine which stakeholders and channel partners to interview via an online survey, group, or one-on-one interviews.

Tools is a compilation of our findings for presentation to the group. Key messages, along with the framework for a 10 to 12-month public relations plan, are defined and agreed upon. We will identify spokespeople and recommend media training.

Practice is training spokespeople to confidently communicate key messages across any platform and any medium at any time.