Perception Study and Industry Analyses


Perception Study and Industry Analyses is an honest assessment of who stakeholders and channel partners believe you are and what you do.

Perception is, after all, reality! Sometimes what people think we do and who people think we are do not line up with what we actually do and who we actually are. This study compares perception and reality and provides insight on how to bring them into alignment. This study is deployed primarily through online surveying which allows for quicker data collection and analysis. The timeline is typically 4-5 weeks which is split into four parts:

Identify defines the initial scope of the inquiry. We will arrive at a consensus on the greatest problems faced by, and misconceptions about, your organization. We will define the desired respondents and initial survey questions.

Build is where we will create the actual survey and, once approved, set the stage for deployment.

Deploy both the survey and the deep-dive research into your industry landscape.

Analyze is a compilation of our findings for presentation to the group. This is the most enlightening part of the process! Here we will break down the demographics of respondents and their responses. We will present an industry overview, the actual target market, and SWOT analyses. The presentation also lays out the framework for an appropriate communications strategy.