Rapid Response Crisis Communications


Rapid Response Crisis Communications workshop is a practical approach to responding to negative events that may impact your organization's ability to operate.

Critical for all leaders and designed to give a sense of security by putting in place mechanisms to respond to real-life and online negative events. The timeline is typically 2-3 weeks which is split into two parts:

Discovery is a day-long session where we will:

  • Define crises of varying severity.
  • Identify possible real-world scenarios and their consequences on your organization.
  • Create a communications protocol, identify appropriate spokespersons and deployment plan.

Tools is a custom set of assets and a go-to guide for addressing a variety of negative events. It is presented in digital form and can be modified as needed. It includes:

  • Comprehensive list of "If this - then that" scenarios and examples of appropriate responses.
  • Matrix for quickly identifying the severity of real-life and online negative events.
  • Worksheet for tracking negative events and responses.
  • Instructions for post-crisis recap and strategy refinement.